Problems with your stomach? Consider seeing a Gastroenterologist

Are You Having Problems With Your Stomach? The Issue May Be Worse Than You Think

We all have stomach issues from time to time. It is only natural. You eat something bad. Your stomach tends to react in a not-so-kind manner. There comes a time when your stomach issues may be something more serious. This is when you should consider seeing a gastroenterologist. I have been down this road in the past. I know what it is like and what you may be going through. Consider this blog my way of passing on knowledge to help out others going through the same thing I do. First let’s take a look at how our GI tract works:

How Do I Know When I should Seek One Out?

Your primary care physician (e.g. gastroenterologist in ft pierce) is the one who usually does this. You should set up an appointment when any of the following have or are occurring.

1) Do you have any kind of rectal bleeding? I face this dragon myself. It is not something you want to talk about. It does need to be discussed. It may also be a sign of a bigger stomach problem.

2) Do you have any leakage or underwear stains? This is not a pretty topic to discuss. It is important. Please take note when this happens. This is a sign you need to visit someone.

3) Do you have urges to go to the bathroom that you cannot control? Been there, done that. Take this as your third sign. It may not mean anything. It is better to get it checked out.

4) Do you suffer from acid reflux? I have suffered from this for years. It is not fun to go through. Certain food will cause you to have issues. Eating too much of something may cause you to feel uncomfortable. I go through it all the time. I was diagnosed with this condition many years ago. Do yourself a favor and get checked out. Your doctor will give you a list of foods you may want to avoid.

5) Do you pass gas a lot? Sometimes it happens more as you get older. It is normal to pass gas. Some of you may be doing it more than others are. Some of you may be finding your gas is both nasty and toxic. Some find this topic both funny and gross. Excessive farting is a sign that something is wrong in your GI tract. You need to get it looked at. The doctor can prescribe some medications for you to take.

6) Are you losing weight? This may not concern some of you. There is a big difference between normal weight loss and weight loss due to GI issues. Have you lost or gained weight excessively recently? I know what you are going through. You need to see someone. This is part of a much bigger issue. This also ties in with the vomiting. Uncontrollable vomiting is only adding insult to injury. Those of you who continue to wait will be compounding the issue further.


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